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Town Wood Crags

Within Town Wood, this is an impressive albeit somewhat scruffy series of dark crags that are set on the west side of the River Webburn just before it bends southwards. The substance of what appears to be that of an emerging tor is not composed of granite and is heavily vegetated. The rocks do extend into the woods above on a ridgeline although this becomes less distinct the further up the hill you look. A small riverside path approaches the crags from the north-west by Webburn Rock, but this sadly peters out into a small flat area and eventually comes to a halt.

The crags are adorned in bracken, mosses and grasses that all combine to create a colourful scene. The aforementioned river here is quite beautiful. Having just left Lizwell Meet where the West and East Webburn Rivers converged, what is now known as simply the 'Webburn' has become a faster flowing force that has carved this lush green gorge that is strewn with hidden crags above both of its banks, described elsewhere on this database. It is highly likely that Town Wood Crags, being situated at the bottom of the hill, were affected by strong currents that eroded and moulded the rocks' angular edges.

The scene is seldom visited because it is so difficult to access. The lower reaches of Blackadon Down are steep terrain with multiple hazards that should be heeded: it is littered with loose scree and bracken which is most problematic in the summer months, and sitting on non-granite rock here has further compounded the lack of grip on the uneven ground making exploring the Down a potentially perilous task.

Town Wood Crags are by no means the best of the rocks to be found on Blackadon Down, but for the sake of the spectacular position that they possess they are worth a visit. But this does come with a word of warning: being located so far down the slope of the hill the sun struggles to reach the valley-floor, and coupled with the aforementioned difficulties with the terrain it is advised that you visit with company for your own safety.

Town Wood Crags
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SX 7172 7327
Widecombe in the Moor
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