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Ugborough Beacon

Ugborough Beacon Rocks, Ugborough Hill, Beacon Rocks, East Pigedon Tor, Eastern Beacon, Peek Down Rocks, Peek Down Hill, Pikdon Rocks, Picken Hill

Driving along the A38 south-westward past South Brent, you cannot fail to notice a huge hill looming above you. This is Ugborough Beacon, a sprawl of large granite outcrops spilling down the hill from the beacon on the summit. The best way up to the summit is from the Peek Moor Gate where there is space for a couple of cars with a yomp up the hill.

Crossing enlightens us; "The tor crowning this fine frontier eminence consists of several distinct piles, neither of them being of great height, yet forming a rather striking group. They are sometimes spoken of as the Beacon Rocks, though more often as Ugborough Beacon, and sometimes as the Eastern Beacon."

Interesting that Crossing uses 'Eastern Beacon' as another name, as there seems to be some dispute. Certainly, the author tells us that the name 'Ugborough Beacon' is only used for the westernmost pile, the cairn at SX 6675 5911. When looking at maps this is believable, with 'Beacon Rocks' referring to the main outcrops to the east. Eastern Beacon seems to apply to another cairn (and a wooden post), south-south-west of the Beacon Rocks, which is of little interest. That said, we generally accept these three names to refer to the hill as a whole.

Ugborough Beacon
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SX 668 591
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William Crossing
Ordnance Survey
Ordnance Survey Maps
William Crossing: Guide to Dartmoor
Greg Wall (2005): The Book of South Brent

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