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Was Tor

Wastor Hill, Wassa's Torr

On Private Land this is a rarely visited tor on the eastern spur of Wastor Hill. It is only when viewed from Black Down do you get an inkling that there is a tor here.

Please seek permission; the owner is quite willing to take you up. When there was the furor about the court case for Vixen Tor, an article in the local newspaper was run about the forbidden tors of the moor. The landowner remembers a journalist visiting and when offered to be given a tour just looked up, figured it wasn't worth the climb, and jumped back in their car. Don't make that mistake.

On the summit, there are electric fences placed close to the outcrop, their purpose being to deter the horses in the field away from the edge. The wonderful views here are worth the visit, a fine vantage point to admire the North Moor and Gibbet Hill.

Rounding the summit outcrop, the eastern side reveals a dramatic face, whilst the lower slopes are covered in gorse that veils the tor from those looking up from the lane.

Was Tor
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Grid Ref:
SX 5000 8295
Tor Classification:
Private (but visible from public land)
Rock Type:
Ordnance Survey
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Moorland Walks: Was Tor

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