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Whortleberry Cave

Located above the left bank of the West Dart River as it swings left and then right under the Crow Tors can be found a lowly but compact outcrop of rock, little more than 150m to the north-west of the weir on the river at SX 6085 7797.

Named as such by Rob Naylor on the Dartefacts database as the area abounds in Whortleberry Plants, the 'Cave' on the south-east side from which the tor takes its name is pretty impressive; a deep opening that would make for a good shelter come a rainy or windy day for a small person.

The tor whilst small and hardly discernible from the north side as it is predominantly grass-covered is a rather pleasant feature in the West Dart Valley, possessing fine views up to the Beardown Tors but also to the Longaford Tors on the left when looking downstream towards Wistman's Wood from which a soggy and ill-defined path gets close to this pile, requiring a small deviation to reach it.

Whortleberry Cave
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Grid Ref:
SX 6079 7815
Dartmoor Forest
Tor Classification:
Rock Type:
Rob Naylor
Rob Naylor: Dartefacts

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