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Widecombe Hill

Widecombe Hill is the name given to the hill that rises steeply to the east of the village of Widecombe in the Moor. Bisected by the B3387, there are some interesting rocks and low outcrops on the valley side, all fairly close to the road and easy to access.

There are three main piles worthy of mention here, the lowest of which is the likely candidate for Eric Hemery's 'Bovey Rock' at SX 7299 7667 (this is described elsewhere on this database; please see here). Above this can be found the middle group at SX 73116 76689, a modest cluster of granite immediately north of the road. Patches of gorse sit amid the lowly rocks which, as with all features in this area, have wonderful views of the valley below back down towards the village. Between these rocks and the higher group, there can be found an isolated poised boulder at SX 73194 76694 which from some angles resembles a logan stone.

The higher rocks at SX 73316 76641 sit immediately south of the road. As is the case with the middle group, these present as a lowly collection of granite forming a ruined tor composed of some sizeable boulders. There are more rocks above these to the north-east near the ridge path which runs along the spine of Bonehill Down.

Widecombe Hill
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SX 732 766
Widecombe in the Moor
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