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Wild Tor

Wills Tor, Willtor

Wild Tor is a quite magnificent set of sprawling outcrops residing on the gentle spur north of Hangingstone Hill whose location possesses isolation in an area not too difficult to reach, with the Cosdon to Hangingstone ridge path acting as one of many access points. At close quarters, many of the outcrops resemble a natural castle similar to that of Great Links Tor, thrusting themselves up into the sky causing the tor to boast a surprising level of prominence despite none of the outcrops sitting at the top of the hill. They dominate much of the Walla Brook from its source to its confluence with the North Teign and are pleasing to reach, sheltering one from any wind direction.

Eric Hemery in 'High Dartmoor p.825' describes the outcrops in detail; "The tor proper consists of two piles, the southern being the larger; it is weathered into square-shaped blocks with conspicuous horizontal jointings and, although not high, is a massive concentration of ruined granite."

Further south, at a higher elevation than the main outcrops, there is a smaller somewhat detached pile at SX 6229 8750 that Hemery seemingly overlooked. This is a fine, lamellar-bedded outcrop with distinctive close horizontal jointings in the granite that make it quite special and unique when compared to the large broad-faced rocks of the main tor. Its appearance is akin to that of Watern Tor across the valley.

Wild Tor
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SX 623 876
Dartmoor Forest
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Eric Hemery: High Dartmoor

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